Advanced Pain Release Therapy with CBD

This pain relief treatment is a combination of modalities that are tailored to your immediate pain situation. Please contact Craig directly with your specific chronic pain details for an initial consultation and pricing information for this program.

Pain Release Therapy session and evaluation

Just like a regular massage session undress to your comfort level. After the complimentary evaluation we apply a full spectrum 1000mg 0% THC CBD cream to the areas of concern.

Once the cream has been worked it we actively search for different angles of movement while working on and stretching the problematic ares. This unique process releases muscle, nerve and tendon entrapment.

Active Release Technique Assessment and Pain Evaluation · $45

Complimentary with each visit. This 10 to 15 minute session consists of a series muscle testing movements and diagnosis of problem areas. The result is an explanation of results and personalized treatment plan.

During an Active Release session you will remain fully dressed. After evaluation the areas of concern are manually manipulated to relieve stress and pain. The length of an Active Release session is 25 minutes. Active Release Therapy can be added into any massage session for an additional $15.

Pain Release Total Body Stretch · $45.

Our 40 minute assisted stretching program takes you through the same stretching protocols as top professional athletes.

Our assisted stretching program will take your body through advanced stretches that you can not do on your own, targeting problem areas that have become restricted and tight to release resulting in mobility and flexibility improvements of over 50%.

Wellness Services Qi Gong Session · $45.

A Qi Gong session is 40 minutes. Emphasis is placed on breathing while using functional Qi Gong movement with resistance bands. Your Qi Gong session will add tone and strengthen muscles with minimal chance of injury.

These sessions also drastically improve balance, coordination and mental focus.