About Craig Whiting

Craig Whiting is a seasoned practitioner specializing in pain relief massages aimed at addressing chronic discomfort and enhancing holistic wellness.

With a Massage Therapy Degree from Northwest Career College and over two decades of experience, Craig has honed his skills to deliver effective, enduring relief.

Clients consistently return to Craig due to his proven ability to restore mobility and provide relief where surgery may have seemed the only recourse. Driven by a dedication to client well-being, Craig continuously explores innovative approaches to pain management, embodying a steadfast commitment to optimal health and care.

Craig Whiting began massaging in 2001.

In addition to his studies, Craig went on to gain certification in Pain Release and Active Release Techniques. Craig’s passion for health and client care has propelled him forward to search for new avenues to relieve pain and keep it in check.

In 2017, Craig introduced CBD infused oils and topicals for pain management massage that can have lasting effects for a variety of ailments. All massages are personalized for each client’s specific needs and paired with CBD to help soothe, relax and heal.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Saturday: 11:00 am — 9:00 pm
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Closed


8751 W. Charleston Blvd Suite 150
Las Vegas NV 89117

  • 8751 W. Charleston Blvd

    Suite 150

    Las Vegas NV 89117

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