Client Testimonials

Absolutely wonderful! We had an anniversary trip planned but to be honest I was dreading it because I had hurt my back... honestly seeing Craig on the first day there saved our trip, I am doing amazingly better and we had the best time! #nopainnogain

- Mindi F.

4 July

I had an amazing experience! My back has been tight and covered in knots for years, Craig has finally offered me relief! His active release technique is what really got the knots out. I got the impression that he studied sports medicine or physical therapy or something, because he knew a lot about the body! Super nice guy and very professional! I will definitely be back!!

- Diana W

22 July

With over 10 years of professional baseball I've had many massages to get out the aches and pains. My only regret is that I didn't know Craig until after I retired. He\'s by far the best at what he does here in Las Vegas and beyond.

- Harold E.

29 Dec

I have been a client of Mr. Whiting for over a decade and I can tell you that his techniques, caring, professionalism and overall care about my physical well beingness are second to none. His ability to do TRUE deep tissue massage in addition to his newer technique of pain release therapy are simply astounding. As a 50 plus active individual who is still playing basketball with the \"young guys\", I can say without any hesitation that Craig\'s techniques have kept me playing longer than all of my friends. If you have persistent pain and want to live pain free, I strongly urge you to give Craig a try.

- Ty T.

16 Dec

Craig’s been my therapist for about 8 years. I go for deep tissue, and Craig is awesome at finding the spots that are really causing me issue. Am always amazed at how much pressure he can maintain for a full 120 minute session! He has just started working with pain release techniques, and it has upped the ante that much more! I have always walked out of my sessions feeling revived, but I\'d say I feel even better since he\'s started these new moves. I would recommend him, no questions asked!

- Kelley S.

14 Dec

I have been a client of Craig's for more than 10 years. He is amazing at locating, working through and resolving my various pain issues. As a massage therapist myself, I have access to many trained specialists, but have yet to find one that is as consistent, result based and professional as Craig. Deep tissue work is a necessity for my body and Craig is the best at holding firm in his pressure even during 120 minute sessions. Recommend highly and without question!! 

- Corina R.

I am in my 50s and play tennis several times a week. I seem to fall, trip twist or overwork my back, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists every so often, winding up with swelling and in pain and reduced mobility. Each time I think, "This is it -- time for surgery"!

But I go to see Craig. I say something like, "I tore my rotator cuff." I'm always incredulous when Craig feels around and says "Oh, feels like you tweaked a muscle or ligament. Let me work on it." He digs in deep, and so far within one or a few sessions the pain has been managed and I'm back on the courts.-- No surgery! (Knock on wood.)

This is not Swedish massage. It is deep and strong and and can be uncomfortable. But this is what you need if you want real therapy. (I'm sure he's more than capable of doing a relaxation-type massage--It's just not what I go to see him for.) I feel so fortunate that I found Craig and would - and do - recommend him to anyone who is experiencing pain and stiffness. Note: I have also been to several chiropractors over many years. I, personally, have had better/faster results with Craig.

- Cynthia G.