Pain Release Therapy

The Cutting Edge in Pain Management
Through muscle testing we identify what’s causing your pain and relieve it quickly and naturally.

Stop Suffering Through Pain

Discover the benefits of a CBD Pain Release Therapy session

What is a CBD Pain Release Therapy session?
A revolutionary new way to effectively treat chronic pain.

Have you tried the usual remedies with little to no relief?

Then it’s time to discover the benefits of a Pain Release Therapy session.

FACT: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most misdiagnosed causes of chronic pain. Discover the condition that is most often confused with CTS.

Pain Release Therapy
Enhanced Mobility & Performance for Active Adults

Maximize Strength · Flexibility · Range of Motion
Experience a professionally-assisted stretch program tailored specifically for your performance needs and ability level.

Flexibility Therapy for Elite Athletics, Fitness Competitors and adults looking for better mobility and flexibility

Who Uses Stretch Therapy?
Avoid Fitness Without Function…

Whether you’re working through your daily elite fitness workout or playing a game of tag with your grand child, the human body performs best when it is strong, balanced and flexible. Stretch therapy is the chosen way fitness professionals painless reach their training goals.

Pain Relief Massage

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Whether you realize it or not, you put your body through quite a bit of stress and strain every single day. Time for a little payback. Relax and reinvigorate yourself with a wellness program tailored to your lifestyle and your needs. From Deep Tissue Massage to Qigong breathing to resistance board training.

Eliminate the pain for a healthier more enjoyable life.